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Liberty Exhibition 2008 Catalogue Page 3


Arts and Crafts large stoneware vase
Designed and Made by George Cox Mortlake Pottery
Signed and dated 1913

Mortlake pottery was set up by George Cox in 1910 and produced earthenware pots. George Cox studied at the Royal College of Art and was interested in pottery as an expression of art. Cox left for America in 1914



Arts and Crafts charger
Della Robbia Pottery
Circa 1900



Arts and Crafts bottle vase
Della Robbia Pottery
Circa 1900



Arts and Crafts pottery figurine Saint Michael
Compton Pottery
Circa 1910

Compton Pottery was started in 1899 in Compton Surrey by Mary Seaton Watts who studied at the Slade, wife of the renowned artist George Frederick Watts. Mary Watts was commissioned to construct a new chapel at Compton which she decorated with gesso symbolist figures and Celtic decoration. The chapel survives today as a shrine to her work. The pottery produced terracotta garden furniture to Archibald Knox’s designs for Liberty & Co, other artists that contributed designs were Gertrude Jekyll, Lincoln Holland and Ralph Lindsey. Some of the figurines are thought to of been influenced by Alfred Gilbert the eminent sculptor and great friend of G.F. Watts. The pottery kept closely to the ideals of the arts and crafts movement and employed local villagers as potters, whom were paid a 50% profit share in the business.

Large Arts and Crafts pottery figurine Knight
Compton Pottery
Circa 1910

Arts and Crafts pottery figurine Saint George
Compton Pottery
Circa 1910



Arts and Crafts tile red lustre, deer
Designed by William De Morgan
Chelsea 1872-1881
Circa 1890



Arts and Crafts tile panel, Marlborough
Designed by William De Morgan
Chelsea 1872-1881



Persian design tile panel
Designed by William De Morgan
Fulham 1898-1907



Large Arts and Crafts vase
Burmantofts Pottery
Circa 1890



Arts and Crafts vase in blue with pinched body
Design attributed to Christopher Dresser
Circa 1880



Ten Arts and Crafts tiles ‘Alice in Wonderland’
Designed by Charles Francis Annesley Voysey
Circa 1930



Art Nouveau ‘Secessionist Style’ tube line vase
Circa 1895



Art Nouveau ‘Secessionist style’ tube line vase
Minton 1895



15c Art Nouveau ‘Secessionist style’ tube lined vase
Minton 1895




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