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Liberty Exhibition 2008 Catalogue Page 4


Pair of glass decanters with stoppers and eight glasses, polished intaglio cutting
Thomas Webb and Corbett
Designed 1933



Unique Glass Chalice with engraved monogram Chi-Roh
Designed and made by Laurence Whistler for the Crafts Council



Coloured glass trumpet vase
Circa 1930

Rare cut glass bowl
Designed by Paul Nash 1933
Stuart & Sons

In 1933 Stuart’s were asked to take part in an exhibition, to celebrate “Better Design in Industry” some of the glass designs weren’t completed for an initial showing at Harrods, it wasn’t untill 1935 at the larger exhibition “British Art In Industry” at the Royal Academy that all the pieces were exhibited. Paul Nash alongside other eminent artists; Gordon and Moria Forsyth, Laura Knight, Eric Revilious, Graham Sutherland and Dod and Ernest Proctor produced designs in glass and ceramics for the exhibition.


Large glass blown vase
Made by Samuel Herman b.1936



Arts and Crafts glass ‘bellows’ decanter with poppy head stopper
Designed by Harry Powell



Stained and painted glass window depicting three young men amongst stylised foliage.
Designed by Stephen Adam
Stephen Adam & Son
Circa 1900

Stephen Adam (1846-1910) established his studio in Bath Street, Glasgow in 1870. He was responsible for much of the finest stained glass produced in Glasgow at this time and along with Daniel Cottier a fellow stained glass artist working in the symbolist genre, helped to furnish the homes of the newly wealthy Scottish industrialists. This piece dates from the artist’s greatest period 1890-1908.



Three Victorian painted glass panels depicting birds
Circa 1880

Glass vase
Designed by Tapio Wirkkala
Circa 1960



Aesthetic movement stained and painted glass panel depicting ‘Spring’ By R.W. Winfield & Co
Circa 1880




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